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An online journal of the Mississippi Entomological Museum

Marginalia Insecta is a new online journal published on the World Wide Web by the Mississippi Entomological Museum (MEM).  As the name Marginalia implies, this online journal will host entomological papers that might be considered to be on the "margins" or periphery of scientific inquiry or investigation.  That is, papers that perhaps do not quite fit the stereotypical format of many journals.  However, the subject matter should not be considered marginal, and the papers presented here will be expected to hold up to scientific scrutiny and review.  All manuscripts will be edited by the MEM staff before being uploaded to the web. Articles included in Marginalia Insecta will encompass a variety of entomological subjects including observations of insects, new or unusual records, regional lists of species or other faunal surveys, notes on biology, field notes, morphological studies, reports, and other interesting documentations of insects. 

A primary advantage of web based publications is the ability to publish manuscripts much more quickly, making the information available much faster to those who need it. Another advantage of online journals is that manuscript length is not restricted, therefore, no article is too short or too long. Additionally, it is much less expensive for authors to publish their manuscripts on the WWW. And finally, color plates, which are expensive to publish in hard copy, can easily be incorporated into web articles.

Marginalia Insecta will primarily be an outlet for scientitists and students associated with the MEM.  However, other short notes on insects by those unaffiliated with the museum will be considered for publication in this journal.  Journal articles will be numbered sequentially by year starting with volume 1. Within each volume, each manuscript will be numbered sequentially starting with the number "1". All manuscripts will be listed with the month and date that it was uploaded. Rather than conform to an artificial time period when articles can be published, manuscripts in this journal will be uploaded as they are reviewed and accepted.  Consequently, there will be a variable number of papers published in any given year.  Each web manuscript will be presented as a web page with an Adobe pdf version available for download.

Co-editors for Marginalia Insecta include: Richard L. Brown, who specializes in Lepidoptera; Joe A. MacGown, Formicidae and various other groups; and JoVonn G. Hill, Formicidae and Acrididae.  For information on submitting a manuscript, contact Joe MacGown, or Richard Brown,


Volume 1: 2006

MacGown, J. A. 2006. Hickory Nuts used as nesting sites by ants (Hymenoptera:  Formicidae). Marginalia Insecta 1: 1. (12 October 2006). [full text] [pdf]

Hill, J. G. 2006. The First Record of the Green Stinkbug Chlorochroa persimilis Horvath (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) from Alabama. Marginalia Insecta 1: 2. (13 October 2006). [full text] [pdf]

MacGown, J. A. 2006. A collection of Myrmecosaurus ferrugineus Bruch (Staphylinidae:  Paederinae) from a nest of Solenopsis invicta X richteri (Hymenoptera:  Formicidae) in Mississippi. Marginalia Insecta 1: 3 (October 13, 2006). [full text] [pdf]

Volume 2: 2007

Hill, J. G. 2007. The grasshoppers (Orthoptera: Acrididae) of the Bibb County Glades, Alabama. Marginalia Insecta 2: 1 (8 January 2007). [full text] [pdf]

Hill, J. G. 2007. Observations of Neivamyrmex fallax Borgmier and Solenopsis xyloni McCook (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). Marginalia Insecta 2: 2 (3 April, 2007). [full text] [pdf]



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