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Beating Sheet

Many insects feed and/or rest on trees, bushes, and other plants. These insects are often difficult to spot by casual observation, but can be easily collecting by beating the plants with some sort of stick or net handle while holding a beating sheet (or pan) under the area being beaten. A beating sheet is basically just a piece of heavy duty cloth stretched across two diagonal pieces of wood joined at the center. They can be purchased or made. Beating sheets can vary in size, but a typical beating sheet would be about 3 feet square.

For plants that are smaller and low to the ground, place the sheet on the ground next to the plant. For plants that are higher, hold the beat sheet in one hand while hitting the plant several times with a stick or net handle held in the other hand. The insects on the plant will fall onto the sheet and must be collected quickly before they escape. For flying insects it is recommended that an aspirator be used to suck up the bugs. Other slower moving insects can be picked up by hand or with forceps.


Beating Sheet.