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Common Pest Ants of the Southeast

Southeastern United States Ants [species] [exotics] [pest species] [common pests]
      Great Smoky Mountains National Park (TN and NC)
      Natchez Trace Parkway (MS, AL, and TN)
Alabama [species] [exotics] [pest species]
      Bibb County (especially Bibb Co. Glades)
      Blakeley Park (Baldwin Co.)
      Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge (Baldwin Co.)
      Cane Creek Canyon Nature Preserve (Colbert Co.)
      Joe Wheeler State Park & Prairie Grove Glades
      Paint Rock Mountain Area, Jackson and Madison Cos.
Arkansas [species] [exotics] [pest species]
      Ouachita Mountains BIological Station (Polk Co.)
      Petit Jean State Park, Conway County
Florida [species] [exotics] [pest species]
      Apalachicola National Forest, Leon & Liberty Cos.
      Tall Timbers Research Station, Liberty Co.
      Torreya State Park, Liberty Co.
Georgia [species] [exotics] [pest species]
      Big Hammock N.A.
      Fall Line Sand Hills N.A.
      Magnolia Springs S. P.
      Ohoopee Dunes N.A.
      2016 Cross Expedition, northeast Georgia, Rabun Co.
Louisiana [species] [exotics] [pest species]
Mississippi [species] [exotics] [pest species]
      Mississippi State Parks
      Black Belt Prairie
      Camp Tik-a-witha, Chickasaw Co.
      Clark Creek Natural Area
      Deaton Preserve, Greene Co.
      Golden Memorial Park
      Horn Island
      Natchez Trace Parkway
      Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge
      Okatibbee Lake, Lauderdale Co.
      Palestinean Gardens Preserve, George Co.
      Delta National Forest
      Tombigbee National Forest
      William L. Giles Bur Oak Preserve
North Carolina [species] [exotics] [pest species]
South Carolina [species] [exotics] [pest species]
      Cheraw State Park and Carolina Sandhillls NWR in Chesterfield County, South Carolina
Tennessee [species] [exotics] [pest species]
      Big Hill Pond State Park, McNairy Co.
      Cedars of Lebanon State Park, Wilson Co.
      Chickasaw State Park, Chester Co.
      Coal Creek Farm, Cumberland Co.
      Tims Ford State Park and nearby natural areas

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Ants of Alabama (Mississippi Entomological Museum web site)

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Ant Species of Alaska - Web site

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Ants of Arizona by Dale Ward (web site)

Ant Species of Arizona - web site

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Hawaii Group Ant Web Site


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Ants of Louisiana on AntWeb

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Ants of Mississippi (Mississippi Entomological Museum Website)

Mississippi Ants - Antweb site

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Ants of Missouri (web site)


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New Jersey

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New Mexico

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North Carolina

The Ants of North Carolina web site

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North Dakota

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South Carolina

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South Dakota

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Texas - Antweb site

Ants of the Big Thicket Region

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Ants of Wisconsin: A Preliminary List (web site)

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Midwestern USA

Distribution of Ants in the Midwestern United States (Web Site)

Canadian Ants Lists

British Columbia

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