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Key to the genera of the Gryllotalpidae found in the Southeastern United States

1. Front tibia with four dactyls; hind femora shorter than pronotum (Fig.1) ......2 1' Front tibia with two dactyls; hind femora usually lonfer than pronotum (Fig. 2.) .....Scapteriscus
four dactyls
Figure 1. Front tibia of Neocurtilla hexadactyla showing four dactyls
Figure 2. Front tibia of Scapteriscus showing two dactyls
2. Fore femur with blade-like lobe, hind tibia with seven spines, three on the outerside  and four on the inner side (Fig. 3) ....Gryllotalpa 2' Fore femur without  blade-like lobe, hind tibia unarmed, except at apex (Fig 4) ...…Neocurtilla hexadactyla (Perty)
Figure 3. Fore femur of Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa showing blade-like lobes.
Figure 4. Fore femur of Neocurtilla hexadactyla without blade-like lobes.