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Tucumania Dyar


Synonymy and Types
Tucumania Dyar, 1925,  Ins. Insc. Menstr. 13: 224.
Type species:  Tucumania tapiacola Dyar, by original designation.

Tucamania Simonsen, 2008, Insect Syst. Evol. 39: 308.  Missp. 

Diagnostic Characters
Tucumania differs from other cactus feeding genera in the following character combination: 1) male antenna serrate and pubescent, not bipectinate, 2) maxillary palpi squamous, 3) male palpi curved upward, 4) aedeagus slender, female genitalia with signum, ductus bursae arising from posterior end of corpus bursae (Heinrich, 1939, 1956).

Larval Hosts
Opuntia discolor Britton and Rose, O. aurantiaca Lindley

Life History
Species of Tucumania lay eggs singly, and larvae feed singly in cladodes of Opuntia. 

Tucumania is native to Argentina and Uruguay and has been introduced into Australia

     porrecta Dyar
     tapiacola Dyar