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Tucumania tapiacola Dyar

Synonymy and Types
Tucumania tapiacola Dyar, 1925, Ins. Insc. Menstr. 13: 225. Holotype, male, in U.S. National Museum, by original designation.

This species can be differentiated from its congener, T. porrecta, by the dark grayish brown forewings and a wing expanse of 30 mm or less (Heinrich, 1939).

Body purplish or wine colored with pinacula large and dark brown; abdominal segments VII and VIII with two SV setae.

This species is native to Argentina; introduced into Australia and South Africa.

Life History and Larval Hosts
Eggs are laid singly, and larvae are solitary feeders on O. aurantiaca and O. discolor (Heinrich, 1939; Dodd, 1940).  The species was introduced into Australia in 1934 for biological control of O. aurantiaca, but with little effect on controlling this introduced species of Opuntia. (Dodd, 1940).