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Salambona Heinrich

Taxonomic Synonymy
Salambona Heinrich, 1939, Proc. U.S. Nat. Mus., 86: 379. 
Type species:  Zophodia analamprella Dyar

Diagnostic Characters
Salambona differs from other cactus feeding genera in the following character combination: 1) antenna of male serrate and pubescent, 2) labial palpi of both sexes porrect and downcurved, 3) maxillary palpus squamous, 4) valva of genitalia with oblique apex, 5) eighth abdominal segment of male bearing a pair of ventrolateral tufts, 6) corpus bursae of female small and without signum or scobinations, 8) ductus seminalis from near end of bursa (Heinrich, 1939, 1956).

According to Dodd (1940), the larva is grayish green or blackish and is not banded or spotted.

Larval Hosts
Fruit feeders in Opuntia (Heinrich, 1956), but Dodd (1940) considered this species to be primarily predaceous on cochineal scales.  See discussion of A. analamprella below.

Life History
Eggs laid singly.  Larvae are solitary feeders.

Salambona is known only from Argentina.

      analamprella (Dyar)