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Intercepted Lepidoptera Larvae


Mississippi Entomological Museum Screening Center

The Mississippi Entomological Museum serves as the USDA-APHIS Regional Screening Center. The screening center was established to provide taxonomic services to eastern states coordinating with the Raleigh Hub. These services are designed to speed up the identification of possible exotic species. For more info about the screening center: MEM SCREENING CENTER.

Mississippi Bug Blues

Mississippi Bug Blues is a project that seeks to educate the people of Mississippi about invasive species of insects that pose a threat to our state, its people, and its resources. The main responsibility of this campaign is to educate. Some species, such as the Emerald Ash Borer, have not been found in Mississippi yet, but are a threat because it has been found in several neighboring states. For other species, like the Red Imported Fire Ant, it is too late to prevent them from finding a way into Mississippi, but informing the public about how to avoid such species and control their population are also important.