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Grasshoppers of Louisiana (species list)
JoVonn G. Hill

As part of an ongoing study of the grasshopper fauna of the southeastern U.S., reliable literature records were gathered to identify what species had been previously documented from each state. TThe annotated list below contains 45 taxa that have been documented in Louisianna followed by whether specimens from the state are present in the Mississippi Entomological Museum (MEM) and the literature records documenting the species in the state. This list will be updated with more literature and species records as the fauna of Louisiana is studied more intently and to reflect taxonomic changes. 

The list is currently arranged taxonomically by subfamily and then alphabetically within each subfamily.  Taxonomy follows Eades et al. (2010).

Amblytropidia mysteca (Saussure): MEM, Otte 1981
Dichromorpha elegans (Morse): Morse 1907, Otte 1981
Dichromorpha viridis  (Scudder): MEM, USDA 1956, Otte 1981, Menzel 2005.
Mermiria picta (Walker): Otte 1981
Orphulella pelidna (Burmeister): MEM, USDA 1957, Otte 1981
Orphulella speciosa (Scudder): MEM, Blatchley 1920, USDA 1957, Otte 1981
Syrbula admirabilis (Uhler): MEM, Morse 1907, USDA 1957, Otte 1981

Metaleptea brevicornis (Johannson): MEM, Morse 1907, Blatchley 1920, Otte 1981, Donato and Cigliano 2000

Arphia simplex Scudder: Otte 1984
Arphia sulphurea  (Fabricius): MEM, Otte 1984
Arphia xanthoptera (Burmeister): MEM, Otte 1984
Chortophaga austrailor Rehn & Hebard: Otte 1984
Chortophaga viridifasciata (DeGeer): MEM, USDA 1956, Otte 1984
Dissosteira carolina  (Linnaeus): USDA 1956, Otte 1984
Hippiscus ocelote (Saussure): UDSA 1956, Otte 1984
Pardalophora phoenicoptera (Burmeister): USDA 1957, Otte 1984
Spharagemon bolli Scudder: USDA 1957, Otte 1984
Spharagemon cristatum (Scudder); Otte 1984
Trimerotropis maritima (Harris): MEM, Morse 1907, USDA 1957, Otte 1984


Leptysma marginicollis (Serville): MEM, Morse 1907, Rehn and Eades 1961, Menzel 2005
Stenacris vitreipennis (Marschall): MEM, Rehn and Eades 1961

Schistocerca americana (Drury): MEM, Morse 1907, USDA 1957
Schistocerca damnifica (Saussure): MEM
Schistocerca obscura (Fabricius): MEM, Morse 1907, USDA 1957, Song 2004
Schistocerca rubiginosa (Harris): Hubbel 1960

Campylacantha olivacea Scudder: MEM
Hesperotettix viridis brevipennis (Thomas): USDA 1956
Melanoplus angustipennis (Dodge): MEM
Melanoplus bivitttatus (Say): USDA 1956
Melanoplus dakini Hilliard: Hillard 2001, Otte 2012
Melanoplus differentialis differentialis (Thomas); Morse 1907, Roberts 1942, USDA 1956
Melanoplus femurrubrum (DeGeer): MEM, USDA 1956, Dakin 1985
Melanoplus femurrubrum x propinquus: Dakin 1985
Melanoplus impudicus Scudder: MEM
Melanoplus keeleri Thomas: MEM
Melanoplus ponderosus (Scudder): MEM, USDA 1957, Otte 2012
Melanoplus propinquus Scudder: Dakin 1985
Melanoplus punctulatus (Scudder): MEM
Melanoplus rusticus (Stål): MEM
Melanoplus sanguinipes vulturnus Gurney and Brooks: MEM, Morse 1907, USDA 1957, Gurney and Brooks 1959
Melanoplus scudderi scudderi (Uhler): MEM, USDA 1957
Melanoplus tunicae Hebard: Hebard 1920
Paroxya atlantica Scudder: MEM
Paroxya clavuliger (Serville): Morse 1907
Paroxya hooseri (Blatchley): MEM, Morse 1907

Romalea microptera (Beauvois): MEM, Rehn and Grant 1959, Rehn and Grant 1961, Menzel 2005

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