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Melitara apicigrammella Blanchard and Knudson

Synonymy and Types
Melitara apicigrammella Blanchard and Knudson, 1985, Proc. Ent. Soc. Washington, 87: 233. 
Type locality: Sanderson, Terrell County, Texas.  Type deposition: National Museum of Natural History, Washington.

Adults are easily distinguished from other species in the genus by the short black longitudinal lines in the terminal area of the forewing; other Melitara have black dots in this part of the wing Neunzig (1997).  The genitalia were described and illustrated by Blanchard and Knudson (1985).


This species is known only from Big Bend National Park, Brewster Co., Texas, and adjacent Terrell Co., Texas.

Life History and Larval Hosts
Life History:  Adults have been collected at light during April-June, and August-September.
Hosts:  Unknown.

Blanchard and Knudson, 1985; Neunzig (1997)