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Cactoblastis Berg

Richard L. Brown1, Sangmi Lee1, and Kristen Sauby2

1Mississippi Entomological Museum
Mississippi State University

2Department of Biological Sciences
Mississippi State University

Last updated:  July 3, 2009

Synonymy and Types

Cactoblastis Ragonot, 1901, Mém. sur les Lépid., 8: 15. Type species: Zophodia cactorum Berg, 1885. By monotypy.

Neopyralis Brèthes, 1920, Ann. Soc. Rural Argentina, 54: 284. Type species:  Neopyralis ronnai Brèthes, 1920. Original Designation.    

Diagnostic Characters
Antenna simple in both sexes; proboscis somewhat reduced; labial palpus ascending in male, porrect in female; maxillary palpus scaled and appearing fan-like; male genitalia with apical process of gnathos partially fused, prongs separated for only a short distance, juxta with lateral elements long, finely serrate on outer edges; female genitalia with signum in form of a series of fused plates, ductus seminalis originating from corpus bursae at juncture of ductus bursae and corpus bursae. 

Larva: Body bright orange or red, with rows of large black spots or broken crossbands; Abdominal segments seven and eight with two SV setae.

Larval Hosts


     bucyrus Dyar
     cactorum (Berg)
     doddi Heinrich
     mundelli Heinrich
     ronnai (Brèthes)

     Male genitalia
     Female genitalia