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Baphala Heinrich

Thomas J. Simonsen and Richard L. Brown

Last updated:  Dec.15, 2009

Taxonomic Synonymy
Baphala Heinrich, 1956. U.S Natl. Mus. Bull. 207: 235.
Type species: Euzophera homoeosomella Zeller, 1881. Original designation.

Diagnostic Characters
Baphala can be distinguished by the following combination of characters: 1) antenna of male with dorsal, scale-like sensilla close to the base of the flagellum, 2) maxillary palpus filiform, 3) forewing M2 and M3 fused for more than half their length 4) male genitalia with saccus long and broad, uncus short and relatively narrow, 5) female genitalia with ductus seminalis inserting on anterior end of corpus bursae (Heinrich 1956; Neunzig 1997; Simonsen 2008).

According to Heinrich (Neunzig 1997) the larvae are pale white-grey with brown head.

Larval Hosts
The larvae feed on scale insects (Kermesidae and Coccidae) (Heinrich 1956; Neunzig 1997).

Life History
Apart from the predacious life style little is known about juvenile stages (Neunzig 1997).

Baphala is known from southern USA, the Caribbean, and Central and South America (Heinrich 1956; Neunzig 1997).