Joe MacGown's Insect Art Gallery 3

A few more bug on images to see larger views. For more insect drawings and Paintings go to Gallery 1 and Gallery 2.

2006 Christmas card, Bah Stinkbug

2006 Christmas card, Stinkbug
Christmas Tree

Romalia microptera (Acrididae), ink, tshirt design

2002 Christmas card, with Pogonomyrmex Santa
about to jump down the chimney.

A Christmas card design with
kissing bugs under the mistletoe

2001 Departmental Christmas card, with a termite,
carpenter ant, and some beetle larva, maybe a buprestid?

Cicada-ink & watercolor on clayboard,
tshirt design

Painting of periodical cicada
nymphs-ink & watercolor on clayboard

Three periodical cicadas-ink & watercolor

Lebia viridipennis (Caribidae)-
watercolor & colored pencil, tshirt design

Cicadas, done on the computer with Adobe Photoshop.

Tiger beetle head...nice mandibles-
Adobe Photoshop, tshirt design.

Boll Weevil-tshirt design, ink and Adobe

Phaneus vindex (Scarbaeidae)-
ink & watercolor on clayboard, tshirt design

Milesia virginiensis (Syrphidae),
ink & watercolor on clayboard, tshirt design

Scorpion-ink & watercolor on
illustration board

2005 Christmas card design

Bean leaf beetle, with plants- ink, colored
pencil, & markers-tshirt design

Painting of a sap beetle, Nitidulidae, Lobiopa sp.
(click on image for a larger picture)

Painting of a robber fly, Asilidae.
(click on image for a larger picture)

Melanoplus stegocercus (Acrididae)
ink on scratchboard

Eriotremex formosanus (Siricidae-male)
ink on scratchboard