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Collecting bees on the boardwalk at Week's Bay Estuary in Baldwin County, Alabama with fellow collectors Terry Schiefer, Joe MacGown, and David Pollock (the guy walking away).

B.S. 1987, Biology Education, Mississippi State University, Mississippi State University, Mississippi
M.S. 1990, Secondary Education, Mississippi State University, Mississippi State University, Mississippi
M.S. 2007, Entomology, Mississippi State University, Mississippi State University, Mississippi

It has taken me a long time to get to where I am today, but the trip has been awesome.  To correlate with this adventure, I now have a job that I absolutely love.  As director of the EE (Environmental Education) Center located on the Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge, experiencing outdoors is an integral part of my job, and that is where I have always loved to be as much as possible.

In the early 70’s I was studying commercial art (in my 3rd year) when my husband and I started a family.  Eleven years and three children later, I re-entered college, this time, in educational biology.  After completing that degree as well as my master's degree in secondary education, I taught middle and high school for a few years.  But I wanted something different in my life, so again I re-entered college.  I was seeking a master's degree in Agricultural Pest Management (APM), but near the end of this degree, I changed to a master's degree in entomology to focus on one area of study instead of the broad spectrum as in APM.  Then, the stars and planets just started lining up for me!  I have many years of college, but I do not regret taking any of the classes because they have given me diverse knowledge for my present job

My master’s research project in entomology was a faunistic survey of the native bee species in the Black Belt Prairie of Mississippi.  No information on the species of bees in MS has been recorded since 1947.  I am currently writing a journal article from the data collected in my thesis.  After this article, I plan to write a paper/pamphlet on bees for an individual’s vegetable or flower garden.  This would not be a scientific paper, but one that would be useful to someone wanting to increase pollinators in their area.

Professional Memberships
North American Association for Environmental Education

Awards and Honors
Mississippi Entomological Association scholarship 1997
Mississippi State University Agricultural Pest Management Club Treasurer 1997-1998
Pat and Linda Harris Scholarship 1999 and 2000
Mississippi State University Entomology Club, President 2000
Gamma Sigma Delta, Honor Society of Agriculture 2001
Kappa Delta Pi, Honor Society of Education, awarded for dedication to students 2008

Other Activities

Participant in William H. Cross Expeditions:
      1999 Konza Prairie Preserve
      2000 AL: Weeks Bay Estuary, Bon Secour NWR - Barry Valentine (Anthribidae expert)
      2001 AL: Weeks Bay Estuary, Bon Secour NWR - Rob Brooks (Anthophoridae expert)
      2002 GA: Ohoopee Dunes Natural Area and Nature Preserve-Mark Deyrup- (Formicidae-Dune Ecology)
      2003 AL: Bibb County Glades-James C. Trager (Formicidae-Prairie Ecology)
      2004 AL: Prairie Grove Glades-Chris Dietrich (Leafhoppers-Grassland Ecology)

Presented at the NAEE conference in Boston, Massachusetts 2002

Studied under Drs. Charles Michener and Michael Engel, Snow Entomological Museum, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas 2003