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Key to Subfamilies of Formicidae in the Southeastern United States (based on workers)
(modified from Creighton (1950) and Bolton (1994)
Couplet 3

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3(2) Anterior portion of clypeus denticulate; petiole joined to gaster broadly, separated dorsally and laterally by a constriction only, petiole does not have a free posterior face (figure 5); helcium broad and attached high on gastral face (as seen in profile)...Amblyoponinae 3' Anterior margin of clypeus not denticulate; petiole joined to gaster narrowly by thin juction, petiole usually has a free posterior face (figure 6); helcium narrow and attached near or below midpoint of gaster ...couplet 4

Figure 5. Petiole and gaster of Amblyopone pallipes showing broad attachment of petiole to gaster.

Figure 6. Petiole and gaster of Ponera pennsylvanica showing narrow junction between petiole and gaster