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Structural Drawings of Ants

Profile of Myrmica punctiventris showing various morphological features. Alitrunk, ant-antenna, cly-clypeus, cx-coxa, eye, femur, fc-frontal carina (=frontal lobe), fu-funicullus, gaster, gena (=cheek), head, hel-helcium, man-mandible, mgb-metapleural gland bulla, ms-mesonotum, mtg-metanotal groove, oc-occipital region, pl-propodeal lobe, pms-promesonotal suture, pn-pronotum, ppd-proprodeum (=epinotum), ppds-propodeal spine, ppt-postpetiole, pt-petiole, scape, sting, spp-sub petiolar process, tarsi, tc-tarsal claws, tibia, ts-tibial spur, and waist.
Morphological characters of the head of Prenolepis imparis, full face view. as-antennal socket, at-apical tooth of mandible, bt-basal tooth of mandible, cly-clypeus, eye, fc-frontal carina (=frontal lobe), funiculus, gn-gena (=cheek), man-mandible, mb-basal margin of mandible, mc-median portion of clypeus, me-external margin of mandible, occ-bor-occipital margin of head, scape, to-torulus, tp-tentorial pit.

At times, various indices and measurements are used. These terms are described below.

TL - HL + WL + GL
HL - Head length in full frontal view from anteriormost point of clypeus to a line perpendicular to the posteriormost of head.
HW - Maximum width of head including eyes in full frontal view
EL - Maximum diameter of compound eye
SL - Length of antennal scape from base (not including radical) to terminal point
PW - Maximum width of pronotum
WL - Weber's length of alitrunk, from anterior edge of pronotum to posterior corner of metapleuron
FL - Length of fore femur
GL - Length of gaster in dorsal view (not including acidopore, genitalia of males, or sting)
CI = HW X 100/ HL
OI = EL X 100/HL
SI = SL X 100/HL
FI = FL X 100/HL
REL = Relative Eye Index (EL/HL) X 100