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Strumigenys eggersi Emery
Strumigenys eggersi, full face view of worker
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Strumigenys eggersi, profile view of worker
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Strumigenys eggersi has only been collected in Florida thus far. This species, along with S. gundlachi, are the only members of the gundlachi group found in the U.S.A. so far. S. eggersi has very long mandibles, much like Strumigenys species, that are much longer than any other species in this area other than S. gundlachi. S. eggersi differs from S. gundlachi by having the ventral spongiform lobe on the postpetiole absent or reduced and the lateral lobe absent or only represented by a very thin carina of punctulate non-spongiform cuticle, and by having a pair of short stiff standing hairs present anteriorly between the humeral pair on the pronotal dorsum.