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Cactoblastis mundelli Heinrich

Synonymy and Types
Cactoblastis mundelli Heinrich, 1939, Proc. U.S. Nat. Mus., 86: 359. 
Type locality: Arequipa, Perú.  Type deposition: National Museum of Natural History, Washington.

Heinrich (1939) noted that this species was easily recognized by color of the male hindwing that is dull white with a "faint smoky tint" and the "ocherous suffusion" of the forewings.  Heinrich further noted that the female had a somewhat shorter ductus bursae than C. cactorum and that the male had a apical process of the gnathos that was nearly square when viewed ventrally


This species is known only from the type locality.

Life History and Larval Hosts 
Life History:  Unknown

HostsAustroylindropuntia subulata (Muehlenpfordt) (=Opuntia exaltata Berger sensu Heinrich, 1939), an atypical host relative to other species of Cactoblastis.  

Heinrich (1939, 1956)