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Horror en la Isla de las Aranas (Horrors on Spider Island)

Starring: Helga Frank; Harald Maresch; Ales D'arcy; Helga Neuner

Type: Lobby Card, 12.5 X 15.5"

Condition: Good - some color missing from right side of poster

Age: 1960s

Insects Images: tarantula

Description: Very Scared women; woman being grabbed from behind by monster; photo inset of women concerned about injured woman

Produced by: Austria Filmrerleich, filmed in Mexico

Horror on Spider Island

Type: Lobby Card, 11" X 14"

Condition: good - torn at top

Age: 1960s

Insects Images: spider

Description: Man being attacked by huge, red-eyed spider monster

Produced by: Pacemaker Pictures, Inc., USA

Horrors on Spider Island